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BSI clinicians are available for a number of lively and engaging talks to health care providers and the public on many topics.

We are happy to tailor a talk to fit your purpose.  BSI is able to provide talks that include training materials, manuals, post-tests and certificates to your attendees.  We can assist in the development of complete Core Skills Training Programs or just provide a one-time training experience with high impact.   

Please call us at 414-220-9990 to discuss how we might assist you in enhancing your training needs.

National Consultation:

  • Teleconference Inservices
  • Training Manuals
  • Behavioral Protocols


On-site Staff Enhancement and Inservices:

Behavior Management:

  • Core Behavioral Skills Training: Comprehensive Basic Training for All Staff
  • De-escalation of Aggressive Behaviors: Approaches and Techniques that Work
  • The Validation Technique: The Most Useful Approach with the Mal-oriented
  • The ABC's of Behavioral Management: What is a Behavior and What to Do
  • Identifying Behavioral Problems and How to Document Them

Mental Health:

  • Mental and the Elderly: Gero-psychology 101
  • Alcohol and Other Drug: Issues for Caring for the Addicted
  • Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia: Effective Tools for Being Helpful
  • Depression and Suicidality: How to Identify and Address it
  • Sexuality and the Elderly: Sensitivity, Awareness and Understanding


  • Communication Skills Enhancement: Effective Ways to Be Understood
  • Reducing Anger: Effective Ways to De-esculate People Who are Upset
  • Organizational Communication: Building Better Teams
  • Effective Behavioral Charting: Improving Documentation

Caregiver Issues:

  • Caregiver Sensitivity Training: Exercises in Empathy
  • Caring for the Caregiver: How to Avoid Staff Stress and Burnout
  • Beating the Holiday Blues: Helpful ideas of Staff and Family
  • Discharge Planning Resistance
  • Nursing Documentation from a Behavioral Perspective

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