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BSI Services
Long-term Care Consultaton
BSI provides behavioral health consultation services in the long term care and outpatient setting. Nearly 50% of Milwaukee area long term care facilities contract with BSI to provide psychiatric and behavioral on-site interventions and treatment to enhance quality of life for their elderly residents. BSI has a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral consultants, nurse practitioners and psychiatric nurse liaisons that focus on providing a full range of behavioral consultation services that enhance facility regulatory compliance while improving the life of their residents.

Outpatient Psychotherapy
BSI provides life enhancement consultation at our clinic. Our clinicians have experience in treating depression, anxiety, stress-related issues, impulse control problems and addressing relationship issues. Please feel free to call us for a consultation.

Contact Information
We would be very happy to assist you in determining how we might enhance your life or the lives of your long-term care residents.  Please feel free to call us for an assessment by calling 414-220-9990.

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